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PostHeaderIcon Room 11 Making a Splash!

The third classes were going to swimming lessons at the Markievicz Lesuire Centre in October, November and December.

We all learned so much from the excellent swim instructors at the pool on Tara Street and are much better swimmers now than we were 9 weeks ago!

Here we are at the statue of Countess Markievicz outside the leisure centre.

We can’t wait to practice our new aqua skills when we go swimming with our families now that our lessons are over. 

Our swimming lessons were great and we can’t wait to keep practicing our swim skills!

Want to go swimming later?
It deep-ends!

PostHeaderIcon Grow Your Gummy Bears!

Last week we celebrated Science Week 2021. The children in Room 8 experimented with growing gummy bear sweets. 

We fill four glasses with plain water, salt water, baking soda and vinegar. 

We firstly measured the gummy bears and found that they measured 2cm each. The children then predicted which mixture would make the gummy grow the most. 

We tested which mixtures made the gummy bears grow.



We found that the vinegar mixture made the the gummy bears grow the most. These gummy bears grew to 3cm!


       The Gummy Bears in the vinegar grew the most!

PostHeaderIcon Science in Room 3

Room 3 recently completed a colourful and tasty experiment for Science Week! We watched hot water dissolve sugar and food colouring off the skittles and move into the water to make beautiful designs. We combined science with math to count the skittles and to make a pattern!