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PostHeaderIcon Science Week in Room 11!

November 2020

We had great fun in Room 11 for Science Week!

Light and Materials: We learned about light and how it travels through different materials. We learned some difficult words; transparent, translucent and opaque. Transparent materials allow light to pass through them. Translucent materials allow only some light to pass through them. And opaque materials block light. We made predictions and tested different materials to see if they were transparent, translucent or opaque. 

Milk Art: There was a lot of excitement in Room 11 as we tried some ‘Milk Art’ for Science Week. We put milk with some drops of food colouring on a paper plate. The children then dipped a cotton bud in some washing-up liquid and put it into the food colouring. The food colouring then spread throughout the milk to make some milk art! The washing up liquid pushed the fat in the milk all over the plate. It was magical to watch!


PostHeaderIcon An Púca

We have been learning a spooky poem in Room 8.

Can you say our poem too?

Púca! Púca!

Is mise an Púca!

Púca! Púca!

Aon dó trí!

Seo í an oíche,

Oíche Shamhna

A théim ar cuairt

Chun do thí!

PostHeaderIcon Pretty Pumpkins

Room 8 have been inspired by the Japanese artist Yayoi Kasuma to make these autumnal artworks.

We think our pumpkins are pretty perfect!