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PostHeaderIcon Chinese New Year Session in A5 Ms. Downey’s Class

January 2020

On Tuesday the 7th of January Ms. Downey’s Class welcomed Raluca from Hill Street Family Resource Centre who taught us all about the Chinese New Year. She showed us a video that explained the history behind Chinese New Year, the traditions and the story of how the animals were chosen for each year. Afterwards she showed us how to fold, trace and cut lucky Spring symbols.


2020 is the year of the Rat and it will begin on the 25th of January. There will be celebrations at Hill Street Resource Centre and around town too.

See which animal represents the year you were born!

Thanks to Raluca for the wonderful session and to Ellie for organising it all.


Christmas is a time for wonderful artwork.  Preparations for Christmas included the making of a Christmas Crib and other artwork.   Children, in all classes, shared their talents before taking the works of art home.  


St. Francis Xavier Church, Gardiner Street, was the venue for the senior concert once again on 12th December 2019.  The 2nd classes performed the Nativity  while 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes performed in the choir and the orchestra.  Each and every performance was just fantastic thanks to the hard work and preparation beforehand.   Ms. Maura Geraghty conducted the choir.  Mr. Ultan O’Brien conducted the orchestra.  Mr. Kevin O’Dwyer accompanied the children on the piano.