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St. Francis Xavier Church, Gardiner Street, was the venue for the senior concert once again on 12th December 2019.  The 2nd classes performed the Nativity  while 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes performed in the choir and the orchestra.  Each and every performance was just fantastic thanks to the hard work and preparation beforehand.   Ms. Maura Geraghty conducted the choir.  Mr. Ultan O’Brien conducted the orchestra.  Mr. Kevin O’Dwyer accompanied the children on the piano.     

PostHeaderIcon December 2019 in Ms. Downey’s Class

Ms. Downey’s Class had a very busy lead up to Christmas.

We made Santa Christmas Cards with pop-up Christmas Trees inside and although they took a lot of time we think you will agree they were worth all the hard work.

Next we made Tealight Christmas Cribs using jars and black paper.

Then we cut out Jolly Christmas Jumpers from felt and we decorated them.

Some of the girls made Christmas Trees from buttons with Ms. Cox.

Christmas Carol Service

We also worked very hard for our Christmas Carol Service in Gardiner Street Church which took place on Thursday 12th of December. Ms. Downey was very proud of her magnificent musicians and super singers!

Santa rewarded all Ms. Downey’s ‘nice’ girls and boys by leaving a little treat for them under our Christmas Tree.

And a big THANK YOU to the parents of all Santa’s Little Elves who gave presents to Ms. Downey which are under her Christmas Tree at home and which she can’t wait to open on Christmas morning!


PostHeaderIcon Christmas Stories Book Launch

4th A6 had a really successful book launch on Thursday with lots of people attending. Everyone I talked to couldn’t believe how good the books were. I have done many book launches in the past but these stories were so incredible everyone should be so proud of themselves. The delicious gingerbread we made went so fast which shows how good we are at baking in A6. I hope you all have a great Christmas and show off your fantastic books to everyone     .