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The School Hall was the venue for the annual Junior Christmas Concert.  We thank the parents who supported the children and the work of the teachers and Special Needs Assistants.  The children wore colourful costumes and sang and acted wonderfully well.  Each class performed and they were accompanied by Mr. Kevin O’Dwyer on the piano.  Mr.  McAvenue accompanied his own class on the guitar.  The beginner musicians put on a wonderful performance showcasing their new skills.   The Advanced Orchestra also played and ensemble for the parents.  First Classes performed the Nativity.  Well done to everybody.  


St. Francis Xavier Church, Gardiner Street, was the venue for the senior concert once again on 12th December 2019.  The 2nd classes performed the Nativity  while 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th classes performed in the choir and the orchestra.  Each and every performance was just fantastic thanks to the hard work and preparation beforehand.   Ms. Maura Geraghty conducted the choir.  Mr. Ultan O’Brien conducted the orchestra.  Mr. Kevin O’Dwyer accompanied the children on the piano.     

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Massive thanks to parents and children who helped out in our collection of rugby stickers over the last number of weeks. We collected over 300 stickers, filled up our poster and now have a chance to win 50,000 euro for the school! Fingers crossed! All your support is hugely appreciated as always!