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PostHeaderIcon Grow Your Gummy Bears!

Last week we celebrated Science Week 2021. The children in Room 8 experimented with growing gummy bear sweets. 

We fill four glasses with plain water, salt water, baking soda and vinegar. 

We firstly measured the gummy bears and found that they measured 2cm each. The children then predicted which mixture would make the gummy grow the most. 

We tested which mixtures made the gummy bears grow.



We found that the vinegar mixture made the the gummy bears grow the most. These gummy bears grew to 3cm!


       The Gummy Bears in the vinegar grew the most!

PostHeaderIcon Science in Room 3

Room 3 recently completed a colourful and tasty experiment for Science Week! We watched hot water dissolve sugar and food colouring off the skittles and move into the water to make beautiful designs. We combined science with math to count the skittles and to make a pattern! 



PostHeaderIcon Room 11’s Egg-speriment!

This month in Room 11, we have been investigating how different drinks affect our teeth.

The Experiment

The shell of an egg is similar to our tooth enamel, so we soaked some boiled eggs in different liquids to see what effect they would have on the shells. 

We chose to soak one egg in water, one in orange juice, one in 7Up (a sugary fizzy drink) and one in Diet Coke (a sugar-free fizzy drink)

We left the eggs to soak for a week and then took them out to check the results.

The Results

The egg that had been in water showed no change at all. It was completely undamaged!

The egg that had been soaking in Diet Coke showed a little discolouration, but not much damage- because it doesn’t have much sugar in it. 

The shell of the egg that had been soaked in 7up was quite badly damaged- the outer layer of the shell had been damaged by the sugar in the drink.

The egg in the orange juice was very badly damaged- the shell was discoloured and badly corroded by the sugar and the citric acid in the juice. The egg shell was no longer smooth, it was rough and bubbly. Not something we would like to happen to our teeth!

Can you tell which egg is which in the pictures?


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What we have learned

Sugary drinks are not good for tooth enamel! And juices with citric acid and sugar are really not good for them! We should only drink these occasionally, and should brush out teeth at least twice a day to keep them free from decay!