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PostHeaderIcon Hopscotch in 1st Class

In Room 10 we will be working with Marian for the next 6 weeks. Marian is helping us learn how to relax when we are feeling negative energy inside us. On week 1, Marian taught us some Tai Chi. Next week, if the weather is good, we will continue this in the Rainbow Yard.

PostHeaderIcon Mini Marathon Results Week 2

Mini- Marathon Results

(Junior and Senior Infants) Week 2 (18/1/16)


Total distance ran

1 (Junior Infants)


2(Junior Infants)


3(Junior Infants)


E1 (Senior Infants)


E2(Senior Infants)


9(Senior Infants)


Can you figure out who has covered the largest distance so far?

PostHeaderIcon All Ireland Football Final victory celebrations!

Sunday, 20th September, 2015  saw the “Liffey Men” (Dublin)  achieve their 25th All Ireland Football Final victory. It also adds up to three titles in five years for Dublin! On Monday 21st September our School held a special assembly in the hall to celebrate this incredible achievement! We sang some special Dublin classic songs and played some lovely tin-whistle to mark the occasion!I think everyone was extra happy as we had no homework!  Hopefully soon we will get to meet  the Sam Maguire Cup in person!