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PostHeaderIcon Is Air pollution a problem in Dublin?

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4th class A6 are currently doing a science investigation on air pollution and would like to know if you think it is a problem in Dublin. We’d really appreciate it if you could answer this little questionnaire for us. questionnaire

PostHeaderIcon Green Schools Trip

The Green Schools Committee took a visit to Glanmode foods in Blanchardstown this week to see where our lunches come from, we learned a lot from the visit! We were very happy to find out that most of the food we eat is locally sourced apart from some of the seasonal fruits. We had a great tour from one of the workers Ann, she showed us each section of the factory including the bakery and the cold room (brr!) we even got to roll out some dough to make bread. We learned a lot from this visit and now appreciate our lunches a lot more!

PostHeaderIcon Chinese New Year Session in A5 Ms. Downey’s Class

January 2020

On Tuesday the 7th of January Ms. Downey’s Class welcomed Raluca from Hill Street Family Resource Centre who taught us all about the Chinese New Year. She showed us a video that explained the history behind Chinese New Year, the traditions and the story of how the animals were chosen for each year. Afterwards she showed us how to fold, trace and cut lucky Spring symbols.


2020 is the year of the Rat and it will begin on the 25th of January. There will be celebrations at Hill Street Resource Centre and around town too.

See which animal represents the year you were born!

Thanks to Raluca for the wonderful session and to Ellie for organising it all.