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PostHeaderIcon New tunes to practice!

Hi everyone!
These are lovely well known tunes to start practising in the next week! You could even send a video of yourself playing your favourite tune to your teacher so that we can add it to the school DIGITAL BOOK! It would be great to see!
I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the time to play lots of music! Ms Maguire.

PostHeaderIcon Let’s keep practising!

Hi everyone!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the ” Music” section on the website ” Wakelet” for new tunes to learn , to listen to and also some information to read about different musicians

I hope everyone is enjoying practising these new tunes I have uploaded and I can’t wait to hear everyone play them all together when we are back in school! The tunes are suitable for beginners and advanced , and for all instruments!

Ms Maguire

Check out this video on “How playing an instrument benefits your brain”


Hi everyone!

I hope you and all your families are doing well and keeping safe. I have really been missing all the music practice in school since we have been off.
I will start to put up a few nice tunes for everyone to get working on every few days so that when we come back to school we can all play them together!
Most of you will know these tunes from singing them so they should be easy enough , but you could always search them on youtube if you are not sure of the rhythm of the tune!
If you are lucky enough to have your tinwhistle or any of the other instruments at home , keep practising!

Ms Maguire