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PostHeaderIcon Our First School Tour

On Thursday 20th of June Junior Infants went to Newgrange Farm on their first ever school tour. On the bus we sang songs. When we arrived we met Marion our leader for the day. First we went in to the barn where we got to ride on the mini tractors. Ms. Downey said it was like bumping tractors! Then we played Hide and Seek in between the bales of hay. Then it was time to give the baby lambs their bottles and try milking the cow (not a real one). We saw puppies, kittens, rabbits, nanny goats, baby chicks, a mammy pig and her 10 piglets, a white horse and a sleepy cow. We each got to hold a puppy and a chick but the kitten was too young to hold so we just got to pet her. Then it was off on the tractor ride with Farmer David. He asked us to sing Old Mc Donald and showed us some animals. We saw the Three Bears’ House, a Leprechaun’s House and his washing on the line, the farmer’s bath with his rubber duck and the place made of teeth. We had to help push the tractor up the hill and we played a trick on Farmer David. When we got back we played in the tunnels, the sandpit and with the toys in the water. Then we ran around The Fairy Tree and made a wish and visited The Hen House and fed the hens. Finally we had a great picnic in the sun. We arrived back at school tired but happy!

PostHeaderIcon Clay Pots in Room 1

Friday 14th June

Ms. Downey’s Class made amazing clay pots. First we got a clay board and some brown clay. Then we squashed and squeezed the clay. It was cold and wet. Next we rolled it in to a ball and rubbed out the cracks with our fingers. Then we used our thumbs and pointy fingers to make a well and fat walls. Finally we decorated our pots using clay tools. We are very proud of our pots!

PostHeaderIcon Father’s Day 2019

The boys and girls in Room 1 hope that all their Dad’s and Grandads have a great day!