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PostHeaderIcon Enjoying The Sunshine in 2nd Class

We had a lovely PE lesson in the sunshine yesterday. Thank you to the Jesuits for the use of their lovely garden. We did some skipping, stretching and games. Lets hope this beautiful weather stays for another while! Have a look at the slideshow here.

PostHeaderIcon Engineers Week 2021

On the 1st of March, the boys and girls were busy exploring the world of engineering! They constructed houses, vehicles, buildings and 3D shapes using lego, bricks and cubes to create their innovative master pieces! Some boys and girls got really creative with cardboard and recyclable materials and made some cool robots. It looks like we have a lot of young inspiring engineers in our school!

PostHeaderIcon Let’s Measure!

1st class were busy learning about Length in Maths. They used rulers, measuring stapes, meter sticks and trundle wheels to measure various items in our environment. They measured objects in the class room such as : the computer, whiteboard, the door, the length and width of the classroom. Then, we went outside and they measured the yard, the car park, window sills and the bench. The boys and girls loved learning about length and they had lots of fun measuring one another!