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PostHeaderIcon A5 Trip to Mary Aikenhead Centre January 18′

Yesterday 17/1/18 the class of A5 took a trip to the Mary Aikenhead Heritage Centre in Harold’s Cross! We had a wonderful day! We took the 16 bus over and got some exercise in on the way too by walking!

Sister Ann brought us on a tour of the entire centre and Ms Harrington (who used to be a deputy principal in our school) took Ms Egan’s class. We learned so much more information about Mary Aikenhead.

We even found out that she had hazel coloured eyes which the class were eager to know as they were doing pictures of her for our celebrations of her birthday this week!

We watched a film about her in the in-house cinema.We also watched a story of her life in audio-visual form too! We saw her bath-chair and her real bedroom.

Thank you to Ms Thornton for organising the trip and thank you to Ms Whelan and Ms McGinley for coming with us!

PostHeaderIcon SCHOOL YEAR 2016 / 2017

School reopens 2016 a


confirmaton clas 2016 bFr. Tom Layden S. J., Provincial of all Jesuits in Ireland, confirmed the children.   This was the first year that boys were confirmed with girls from Gardiner Street School.   2015 / 2016 marks the year that the school became fully co-educational from Junior Infants to 6th class.