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The annual SKIPATHON took place on a beautiful sunny day.  Parents and relatives turned out in great numbers to support the OPEN DAY.  Everybody got a chance to skip and have fun together.  

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PostHeaderIcon Skip ‘n’ Rope Workshop March 2017

On Wednesday (15/3/17) Mark McCabe from Skip ‘n’ Rope came into our school to run a skipping workshop! Classes got the opportunity to learn some new ways to skip! We had a great day and even had a demonstration for the whole school at the end of the day! We learned some great new moves such as the arm wrap, forward skip, backward skip, x skip, the criss cross and the butterfly to name a few! We will get practising these moves now in preparation for our annual Skipathon in June! Thanks to Mark from Skip ‘n’ Rope for the great workshop! Here is the link to the website for any further information-
Take a look at us in action!

PostHeaderIcon Skipathon 2016

This years Skipathon was a great success! Thank you to everyone who took part and thank you to everyone for raising money for our school this year! Everyone showed what fantastic skippers they were! We had prizewinners for each class, prizes for all our parents who took part and well done to Ms O Brien who took the title this year! During our Skipathon we also got to see our Marching Band perform! They were superb! The 6th class Irish dancers showcased their unique skills.  The beginner fiddle and accordion groups showed us how musically talented they are. Our advanced fiddle group performed some lovely tunes, and we had some lovely dancing from 5th class. We also had our Europe Day competition where some children had to match the capital city to its rightful country! Our parents were holding the countries!  Take a look at the photos! Well done everyone!