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PostHeaderIcon Junior Infants get creative in Imaginosity!


This year’s Junior Infant classes of rooms 1,2, and 3 went on their school tour to Imaginosity in Sandyford! We had such fun in all the different levels of the centre. We had fun trying out lots of different careers such as builders, waitresses, rock stars, actors and actresses, TV presenters, and much much more! Some children had Hollywood in their sights! Others loved loading up their trolleys in the supermarket, and had great fun paying for their food! After the tour we sat outside on the green grass and had our well deserved lunch! The bus journey home was certainly a lot quieter than the journey in the morning! Some of us even had a little siesta before arriving back to Gardiner Street! It is safe to say that the Junior Infants of Gardiner Street used their ‘imagination’ in Imaginosity!

PostHeaderIcon Room 2’s first year in school comes to an end!

The Junior Infants of Room 2 are coming in to their last days of their first year in school! What a quick year!

We have learned so much in the last 9 months, and we have gone on lots of trips to lots of places such as Mountjoy Square, Diamond Park, DCU, The Duck Pond, the GPO, The Moving Crib, The Spire, and next week we will go on a trip to Imaginosity Dublins Childrens Museum!

Bradley in Room 2 recalls his favourite part of the year by saying’ I liked doing my work!’  Abbie meanwhile says she ‘enjoyed playing with the toys!Erin states ‘she liked practicing her writing!’ Teegan also expressed her opinion by saying she ‘liked going to the park’. In room 2 we learned our Jolly Ponics letters and sounds, as well as our numbers 0-5. amongst lots of other interesting things!

We also took part in various events that took place in the school throughout the year such as our sports day, science day, Grandparents Day, world book day, reading for fun events, choirtime, library time, PE in the hall, the opening of the new computer room as well as the opening of the new library with the famous Irish author Marita Conlon McKenna!

And most of all, we all made new friends and had fun with our learning! So long everybody, until next year! Have a great Summer everybody!'Round and round we go!'

PostHeaderIcon Under the Sea!

1st June, 2010.

In Room 1, we’ve been making very creative sea creatures. We enjoyed getting our hands dirty, and could hardly wait until they were dry so we could paint them!

We hope you like them too!