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PostHeaderIcon AISTEAR Playtime in E1!

E1 have had a wonderful time down on the farm. Look at us playing farm shop, writing shopping lists, making up price lists and exchanging money. 

In the kitchen we have been making menus and cooking up a storm. 

PostHeaderIcon Tennis Thursday with Room 5

Room 5 have been improving their tennis skills every Thursday with coach Luke. 

PostHeaderIcon E2 are learning about Autumn

In E2, Ms. Carmody’s class are watching out for signs of Autumn. We have been learning that pine cones fall from pine trees in Autumn. We think that the pine cones smell very nice and that they look like pineapples. The scales on the pine cone remind us of the steps of stairs. 

Pine cones that are closed up have seeds inside. The cone protects the seeds from cold temperatures. We have left them near the warm radiator so that they will open up. We can’t wait to shake out the seeds inside!