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PostHeaderIcon Halloween Crafts in A6!

5th class in A6 were busy on Tuesday making Halloween crafts with great help from Fionnuala and her team. They decorated some colourful masks and used milk cartons to make spooky faces. Some of the students even donated their crafts to Fionnula to help her decorate the streets for Halloween. Check out their colourful masks!


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PostHeaderIcon HALLOWE’EN 2016

The Parents’ Association were very busy once more with face painting  in the infants classes.  We had many parents and teachers painting fantastic “faces”.  The children were impressing the judges with our annual recycled costume competition.  The costumes were just amazing.  The judges had a hard time choosing winners this year.   A big thank -you to all parents for the effort made.  The children had great fun and managed to raise funds for our Sisters of Charity School in Zambia.  

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PostHeaderIcon Hallowe’en Recycled Costumes 2015

Thanks to parents and children who supported the Recycled Hallowe’en Costume Competition.  Great imagination and hard work were evident in all of the entries.  The children were so proud of the use made of recycled materials.   Ms. Goggins organised prizes for Best Costumes.  The Parents’ Association and some teachers helped with face painting in the Infant classes.  The results were amazing!

Mrs Ewa Cyfert took over the organisation of the fantastic class photographs for Hallowe’en.  Children received a copy of  the photograph and €530 was raised for our school in Zambia.