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PostHeaderIcon Chocolate Chip Cookies

As I type this I’m still filled up with the lovely cookies that were made in cooking club today. It’s nice to see 4th class becoming confident at baking. Here is the cookie recipe if anyone wants to make these cookies at home.

PostHeaderIcon Fruit Scones

Can’t believe we’ve had three weeks of cooking club now. We made great fruit scones this week. Children made raisin scones or mango scones which turned out great. If anyone is interested in making scones at home here is the recipe to download.

PostHeaderIcon Cooking Club

Cooking club is in full swing and I’m loving all the food we’ve backed so far. We made great brownies last week and today we made pizza from scratch. It was really interesting to see how the yeast made our pizza dough grow.

If you fancy making any recipes we are making in cooking club you can download the recipes we’ve made so far.