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PostHeaderIcon A Fond Farewell from 2nd Class Room 8!

June 2022

Ms. Goggins’ 2nd class have had an amazing year full of learning and fun! Have a look at some of the highlights from our year.


We love experiments!

We studied what conditions seeds need to grow


Seed power!

A trip to the Hugh Lane Art Gallery near the school

Studying the art!

Having fun in the gallery!


We made Easter Bunnies out of socks!

We filled our bunnies with rice!

Welcome Party!

We made our own pizzas! 


Our School Tour in Kildare!

Searching for fairies

We finished off the year with a picnic in the school garden!

Congratulations to 2nd class – Room 8 on another successful year. Have a lovely Summer holidays everyone!


Best wishes, Ms. Goggins.

PostHeaderIcon 2nd Class studies Salvador Dalí!

  Salvador Dalí

Ms. Goggins’ 2nd Class studied the famous Spanish artist, Salvador Dalí, as part of our Digital Schools Project. 

We loved learning all about Dalí and his famous paintings. He is known as a surrealist artist. This means that his art is quite unusual, strange or dream-like. We tried out some of our own Salvador Dalí style art.

Finding pictures for the “Persistence of Memory” Collage

Our version of “Persistence of Memory”

We also tried to make the famous melting clocks from Dalí’s painting, “The Persistence of Memory” using clay. This was so much fun. They children did a fantastic job! 

The ‘Melting’ Clocks


Well done Room 8!

PostHeaderIcon Grow Your Gummy Bears!

Last week we celebrated Science Week 2021. The children in Room 8 experimented with growing gummy bear sweets. 

We fill four glasses with plain water, salt water, baking soda and vinegar. 

We firstly measured the gummy bears and found that they measured 2cm each. The children then predicted which mixture would make the gummy grow the most. 

We tested which mixtures made the gummy bears grow.



We found that the vinegar mixture made the the gummy bears grow the most. These gummy bears grew to 3cm!


       The Gummy Bears in the vinegar grew the most!