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PostHeaderIcon 3rd Class Scientists

The children in Ms. Murphy’s 3rd Class have been working hard already this year. We are learning all about the body inside and outside. We carried out an investigation to see what drinks can damage our teeth. We placed boiled eggs in bowls and covered them in a variety of drinks such as milk, water, lucozade, coffee and orange juice. We made predictions and kept an eye on the eggs over the next few days. We observed the eggs and recorded the effects of the different drinks such as stains and cracks.


PostHeaderIcon Room 11 Making a Splash!

The third classes were going to swimming lessons at the Markievicz Lesuire Centre in October, November and December.

We all learned so much from the excellent swim instructors at the pool on Tara Street and are much better swimmers now than we were 9 weeks ago!

Here we are at the statue of Countess Markievicz outside the leisure centre.

We can’t wait to practice our new aqua skills when we go swimming with our families now that our lessons are over. 

Our swimming lessons were great and we can’t wait to keep practicing our swim skills!

Want to go swimming later?
It deep-ends!

PostHeaderIcon The Stone Age in Room 11

We have been learning about what life was like in the Stone Age in room 11 this month. 

We worked in groups to do projects about all that we have learned.

We did some Stone Age-inspired art too.

We painted sunrise silhouettes of Newgrange and made replica Newgrange entrance stones from clay, using cocktail sticks to add the spirals and designs.

We also worked together to write a report about life in the Stone Age.

The editing process took a while, but we think this report gives a lot of information about life back then.

What do you think?