PostHeaderIcon HALLOWE’EN 2016

The Parents’ Association were very busy once more with face painting  in the infants classes.  We had many parents and teachers painting fantastic “faces”.  The children were impressing the judges with our annual recycled costume competition.  The costumes were just amazing.  The judges had a hard time choosing winners this year.   A big thank -you to all parents for the effort made.  The children had great fun and managed to raise funds for our Sisters of Charity School in Zambia.  

fifth-class-room-a6-a first-class-room-10-a first-class-room-11-a first-class-room-13-a fourth-class-room-ex-1-a junior-infants-room-1-a junior-infants-room-2-a junior-infants-room-3-a second-class-room-8-a second-class-room-15-a second-class-room-16-a senior-infants-room-e1-a sixth-class-room-ex-2-a third-class-room-a2-a fourth-class-room-a5-a third-class-room-a1-a fifth-class-room-a6-a senior-infants-room-e2-a

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