PostHeaderIcon Ann’s Farm Comes to Gardiner Street School!

April 2018

We welcomed some wonderful visitors to our school this week! Ann from Heritage Schools came to visit and she brought some very special friends with her. Ann is a farmer and a nature expert and she brought along her little lamb, Tómas, a hen called Bríd and a rooster named Alfonso! Ann told us all about the animals. Tómas is only 13 days old! The children learned about the wool that we get from sheep and they got to see a lovely, colourful rug Ann had knitted from wool. Tómas got very hungry and Ann had to feed him with a bottle. She told us that roosters and hens puff up their feathers when they are mad!

Ann also brought along lots of bits of nature like ivy, primrose flowers and branches. We talked about how important biodiversity is to our planet. We don’t have to go very far to discover how wonderful nature is.

The children really enjoyed their day with Ann!

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