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January 2019

January has been a very busy month in Room 1.

Group of the Week

We have had two Groups of the Week this month: Green Group and Yellow Group. Both groups worked together as a team, did their best at all times and were good at tidy-up. Their prize included a treat, a trophy and a cushion to sit on for the week.


Green Group


Yellow Group


Ms. Downey bought golf tees and we used them to make people, animals and aliens with our playdoh.

Hot Chocolate and  Jelly and Ice-cream

During the month of January we learned about hot and cold in Science. We made Hot Chocolate in the Staff Room. Ask your child to tell you what we needed: the ingredients and how we made it: the instructions. It tasted delicious!

We also made Jelly so again ask your child what we needed and how we made it.  Some new words we learned were dissolve and set. Ms. O’Doherty very kindly bought us ice-cream to go with our jelly. Thanks Ms. O’ Doherty. As you can see from the photos it was yummy!

Thanks to Mr. Brady and Linda for all their help!


During January we played some winter games on We also did activities and games on to practise our numbers, letters, sounds and new Sight Words from our green and pink cards.


Junior Infant Literacy Lift-off

On Friday lots of Mammies and Daddies came in to the classroom to help the children to improve their creativity,  oral language, turn taking and motor skills. We have some wonderful wooden games, magnetic shapes, threading activities, pen pusher boards and books. The classroom was full of talking and laughter. Sr. Marie Carroll, Chairperson of the Board Of Management, joined us and was very impressed by the parents, children and the resources too.

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