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Thursday June 6th 2019

Last Thursday Ms. Downey’s Class made their first visit to the ILAC Library. Mr. Brady, Linda and some great parents came too. Before we left we had time to play some Maths Games in the classroom.

If you are planning to buy any games over the summer please check out Orchard Games. As you can see from the photos above the children love them!

Then we set off for the Library using our Maths Eyes on the way. When we arrived James, the Librarian, was there to welcome us. He read two stories The Library Book and Ice Boy.

The children listened very carefully and helped out with a little song and actions: We’re going down to The Library, picking out a book, check it in, check it out!

Then James gave Ms. Downey our Library Cards and we all got a chance to pick a book each to check out using the Check Out Machine. Ezster helped us.

Remember you can keep your book for up to 3 weeks so it must be returned to any library by Thursday 27th of June. Your child can borrow up to 9 books or DVD’s and the library also has children’s books in other languages too!

Please make use of your local library over the summer. It is a great free resource!

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