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St. Francis Xavier Church Christmas Newsletter

Our Mary Aikenhead Art was featured in the Christmas Newsletter for Gardiner Street Church. We were very proud when Ms.O’Doherty sent us over a copy of the Newsletter.


Weaving Well-Being

As you know we have been continuing with our lessons on Resilience. We have covered the Jigsaw of Perspective, Lucky Dip of Distraction and the Planning Pen. There are more exciting lessons to come. To help with positive thoughts one Mum has been writing messages for her son which he finds on his lunch or on post-its. Perhaps you might occasionally do the same for your child and they might be encouraged do the same for you! 

Chinese New Year 2020

On January 7th we had a visit from Raluca from Hill Street Family Resource Centre. She showed us a video about Chinese New Year. 2020 is the year of the Rat. She showed us how to make Chinese Spring Symbols using a template, red card, a pencil and a scissors. After her visit we designed posters to celebrate Chinese New Year.


We spent January studying Australia and we made Oragami Boomerangs which we decorated with Aboriginal symbols. We tried them out in the school yard with mixed results.

Stitching for Fun

On Friday 24th of January we began Stitching for Fun with Ellie and some wonderfully talented Mammies and Nannies. This year we are learning the Chain Stitch. First we threaded our needles and tied a knot in the wool. Then we practised the stitch on a small piece of hessian. When we had mastered the stitch Ellie gave out the pictures: flowers or leprechaun hats. We are working very hard on our stitching and hope to be finished by St. Patrick’s Day.

A big Thank You to Ellie and all the helpers we have had so far. If any other parents, grandparents or relations would like to help out please come to A5 at 1.30pm any Friday up to and including March 6th. Your help and support is much needed and always appreciated!    

Pen Licenses

During the month of January Ms. O’Doherty awarded 3 more Pen Licenses to Ms. Downey’s Class. 


Congratulations to all and keep up the good writing!

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