PostHeaderIcon January 2023 in Ms. Downey’s Class

Happy New Year from Ms. Downey’s Class. We have been busy this January.


The children love Freeplay in the morning and are very creative. Please make sure your child is in school at 8.50 every day so they take part.

Winter Chalk Drawings

The boys and girls did some amazing Winter drawings in chalk. 

The _at Word Family

The children did a great job writing the -at Word Family: bat, cat, fat, hat, mat, pat, rat, sat.  They also practiced some other Word Families:

*   The_an Family: ban, can, Dan, fan, man, nan, pan, ran, tan,van

*   The_am Family: bam, dam, ham, mam, Pam, ram, Sam

*   The_ap Family: bap, cap, gap, lap, map, nap, rap, tap, zap

See if your child can write any of these Word Families at home.

Say NO to Bullying

During Say NO to Bullying Week the boys and girls learned how we deal with bullying in Gardiner Street School:

  • Say NO

  • Walk away

  • Tell an adult

  • Keep on telling

  • Follow the adult’s advice

They coloured in some interesting slogans:





Aliens Love Underpants

The children loved the book  Aliens Love Underpants. They designed and painted very colourful underpants. Can you spot the aliens still lurking inside?

These are the other books in the series:



In January the boys and girls learned about Space and The Solar System. Ask your child to sing The Planet Order Song: The 8 planets go round and round… to the tune of  The Wheels on the Bus. 

Here they are using playdoh to create rockets, astronauts, planets and aliens.

Later on they used clay which they painted when dry.


I think you will agree they are’out of this world!’

Capital Letters

Senior Infants are learning the Capital Letters in cursive. In January we covered I, T, S, W, F, M, B, N. Please use the abc on your child’s Homework Folder and encourage them to practice at home. You could also buy them a Whiteboard or a Blackboard. 

Music with Ailbhe

Ailbhe from Music Generation is still doing some wonderful work with the children. Take a look at the photo below to see some of the things they have learned. Ask your child about them.







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