PostHeaderIcon February 2023 in Ms. Downey’s Class

Belvedere Boys

In Febrauary we said a sad ‘Goodbye and thank you’ to the 3 wonderful Belvedere boys, Sam, Alex and John, who have been helping us with English and Maths for the last few weeks.

Building Houses

One of our themes for February was homes. Some of the children built amazing homes from lego.

They also designed some pretty fabulous dream homes.

Valentine’s Day

We made ‘I Love You To Pieces’ Valentine Cards for someone special!

The Glasses Girls

Alexandra got new glasses and Willow took a photo of Ms. Downey with all the glasses wearers in the class.


The boys and girls are really working hard on their computer skills. Here are some of the websites we use in school:




Sentence Dictation

The children have been working hard on writing sentences called out by Ms. Downey. Look at how well the have been doing.

Pancake Tuesday

The boys and girls listened to the story ‘The Big Pancake’, learned the rhyme ‘Mix a pancake’ and then flipped, decorated and ate some yummy pancakes.


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