Hello Everyone.

We hope you are all well during these difficult times.

Ms Cox has created a really fun digital book that contains some of the creative activities you are doing at home! The book will updated every week with new and exciting pictures and ideas! There will be a theme for each week, keep an eye out on your Google classroom as your teacher will tell you about the upcoming theme each week!  You can look at the our digital book here by just clicking on the book!










To log in type ‘Google Classroom’

Log into google and then enter your teacher’s email address and the password for that class. Once you have logged into Google Classroom you will see the work that has been added for your child’s class.

Teachers are not expecting all work to be complete; they are giving some learning activities as well as some fun activities to try and keep everyone learning and busy over the next while!  We hope this helps. Stay safe. 

Gardiner Street Primary School Staff

All Classes: Collection of digital resources to support your child’s learning. Please find the link below. https://wakelet.com/@GardinerStreetPrimarySchool 


Junior Infants         

Room 1

Email log in: rachelc@gardinerstreetschool.ie  

Room 2

Email log in: lauren@gardinerstreetschool.ie  

Room 3

Email log in: shane@gardinerstreetschool.ie  


Senior Infants        

Room 6

Email log in: alison@gardinerstreetschool.ie   


Email log in: nicola@gardinerstreetschool.ie              


Email log in: sarahm@gardinerstreetschool.ie  


1st Class       

Room 9

Email log in: patrickf@gardinerstreetschool.ie


Email log in: emmet@gardinerstreetschool.ie


2nd Class     

Room 11

Email log in: rachelh@gardinerstreetschool.ie  

Room 16

Email log in: fiona@gardinerstreetschool.ie  

Room 15

Email log in: karen@gardinerstreetschool.ie  

3rd Class      

Room 13

Email log in: moya@gardinerstreetschool.ie  

Room EX1

Email log in olivia@gardinerstreetschool.ie  


4th Class

Pupils from A5 and A6 are using their Google Drive account as previously agreed with Ms. Downey and Ms. Kelly. The email address is 4thclassa6@gmail.com  

5th Class      

Room A2

Email log in: emmac@gardinerstreetschool.ie   

Room A1

Email log in: patricia@gardinerstreetschool.ie  


6th Class      

6th Class pupils can contact their teachers through email and google classroom as previously agreed before we left school, their email addresses are;

Room 8   aine.e@gardinerstreetschool.ie

Room EX2  ained@gardinerstreetschool.ie