PostHeaderIcon Easter 2019

Third classes continued the tradition of performing The Way of the Cross for the whole school. Thanks to Ms. Maguire and Ms. Thornton who assisted with the performances.

PostHeaderIcon Spring Clean Day in Room 1

On Tuesday 30th of April Ms.Downey’s Class took part in the National Spring Clean. Having put on their high-vis jackets and gloves, the boys and girls set off singing the ‘Clean-up Song’. Out to the yard to search for rubbish but what a good job Julius does as we really had to search carefully! We found some paper, plastic and other rubbish which we sorted into Green Bag- recycling, Clear Bag- plastics and Black Bag- other rubbish. When we got back to the classroom we talk off our high- vis jackets and learned how to fold them.


PostHeaderIcon Recycled Easter Hats from Room 1


We are a Green School and we REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. Every year we have a Recycled Easter Hat / Tie / Dickie Bow Competition.

Some boys and girls in Ms. Downey’s Class made amazing hats at home. Others made hats in school using recycled salad tubs. Ms. Cox was very impressed. Glory, Daniils and Dylan won prizes.

On the day of the holidays we were allowed to wear our own clothes to school. Didn’t we look great!

Here we are on our Easter Egg Hunt around the classroom.

Cáisc shona daoibh go léir!