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Welcome to our website.    On behalf of the children, teachers, Special Needs Assistants, ancillary staff, parents, friends and the Board of Management, I am delighted to greet you. 

Gardiner Street School is a Catholic school in the tradition of the Religious Sisters of Charity.    In the words of our Mission Statement “We commit ourselves to making our school a safe and enjoyable place of education.    We are open to the challenges of the future,  encouraging effective co-operation between pupils, parents, staff, management and the local community”.

My wish is that you will enjoy reading about our  life in our school.  


Eileen O’ Doherty



PostHeaderIcon Maths Week 2016 in Ms. Downey’s Class

October 2016

The boys and girls in Ms. Downey’s were very busy during Maths Week.

They looked at the world using their Maths Eyes.

They had fun working out Ms. Mongan’s Guess the Teacher Board each day.

In Computers they used some great Maths Websites: 

  • Choose Subject: Maths       Choose Age Group: Key Stage 1/2
  • Choose First Class or Second Class
  • Click on Junior Level / GameZone on left side
  • Click on Resources across the top and then Maths / Number Skills/Hundred Square: Splat / Find the number

Best of all was the Maths Trail around the school and the grounds.



      Counting windows in The A Wing


      What’s the most popular colour car in he Carpark?


      Measuring the snake in The Yard


      Lines of symmetry in The Yard


      Counting shapes in The Yard


      Who is the tallest in the class?


      Making shapes in The Hall


      Measuring the length of The Hall


      Recording scores and misses


Giving directions in The Classroom

     Our Maths Trail



PostHeaderIcon Halloween 2016 in Room 16

Ms. Downey’s Class has been busy preparing for Halloween.

Scary Spider Bags

The boys and girls drew spider webs on bags and then made their very own spiders from pipe cleaners and googly eyes.

Halloween Doodle Drawings

Check out to see how we created our awesome Halloween Art drawings.

Halloween Food

We had fantastic fun in the Cookery Room making Banana Ghosts, Mandarin Pumpkins, Bloody Fingers and Marshmallow Pops.

Oíche Shamhna shona duit!

PostHeaderIcon Stitching for Fun

Stitching for Fun kicked off in 6th Class on Thursday, 20th October. There was a lot of excitement in class all week about their new stitching project. This year 6th Class are working on an autumnal theme, concentrating on using appropriate colours and improving their stitching skills.

To ease ourselves back into stitching we revised some basic skills. The students used the running stitch and the back stitch on their border. We even incorporated some Maths into our work identifying parallel and perpendicular lines.

The students really enjoyed working with the parents who came to help out and we really appreciated their support. It’s invaluable! A big thank you to Jackie and Ms. O’ Doherty who were their to share their skills and also to Ms. McGinley who helped to create the patterns on the material.

Next week the students will be working on their chain stitch. They’re already looking forward to all the fun they will have during stitching. If any of our parents or grandparents are skilled in stitching and would like to help out call into Áine in the Parents’ Room for more information. All help would be greatly appreciated.