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Welcome to our website.    On behalf of the children, teachers, Special Needs Assistants, ancillary staff, parents, friends and the Board of Management, I am delighted to greet you. 

Gardiner Street School is a Catholic school in the tradition of the Religious Sisters of Charity.    In the words of our Mission Statement “We commit ourselves to making our school a safe and enjoyable place of education.    We are open to the challenges of the future,  encouraging effective co-operation between pupils, parents, staff, management and the local community”.

My wish is that you will enjoy reading about our  life in our school.  


Eileen O’ Doherty



PostHeaderIcon On Hallowe’en Night

Here is a wonderful poem about Hallowe’en by Amber in 3rd Class A1. She wrote it all by herself at home. It is taking pride of place on our Star Writers board. Well done Amber!

Hallowe’en Night

On Hallowee’n night you will get a fright,

On Hallowee’n night you will not fight.

On Hallowee’n night the witch comes out,

On Hallowee’n night you will not shout.

On Hallowee’n night you will dress up,

On Hallowe’en night you will see a pup.

On Hallowee’n night you will carve a pumpkin,

On Hallowee’n night you will be scared of something.

On Hallowee’n night the skeletons rule,

On Hallowee’n night you will be cool.

On Hallowee’n night it has to end,

On Hallowee’n night you will get sweets to spend.

PostHeaderIcon Penpals for Ms. Kelly’s 3rd Class October 2015

Ms. Kelly’s 3rd Class had two special visitors today Wednesday 07/10/2015: Sarah Purcell, who used to be our Reader in Residence, and her friend Julia from Switzerland. Julia is a teacher and she would like her Year 4 Class of boys and girls to be penpals with Ms. Kelly’s class. The children had prepared lots of interesting questions for Julia about life in Switzerland and Julia asked them some questions too. Ms. Kelly’s Class will write and post their letters before the mid-term break and will eagerly await the replies. Check out the website in a few weeks  for photos of that exciting day!

Photos 2015-16 009Julia with Ms. Kelly’s Class

The children were delighted to see Sarah again. She has had a baby boy, Arlo, since she was last in the school and is now working as a librarian. Sarah was so pleased to hear that they still love reading and visiting their local libraries. She was most impressed by the book the children made when they went to Fighting Words. Sarah is now an author herself. She has written a book in The Nightmare Club Series called The Elsewhere Funfair. she has promised to come back and read it for Ms. Kelly’s Class soon. 


PostHeaderIcon Working for our Biodiversity Flag – Year 2

October 2015



Our new Green-Schools Committee have started the second year of work towards our fifth Green-Schools flag for Biodiversity! We already have four flags for Litter and Waste, Energy, Water and Travel.

Cabbage and Lavender

Cabbage and Lavender

The committee were busy tidying up the school garden. They cut some huge cabbages to bring home to cook! The school gardener John helped us cut the cabbages. The cabbages had made a nice home for some friendly snails!

Snail Family

Snail Family

We also cut some of our lovely lavender. Bees and butterflies love to come to visit the lavender plants. Fifth class brought some of the lavender into their room which made it smell very nice indeed!