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Welcome to our website.    On behalf of the children, teachers, Special Needs Assistants, ancillary staff, parents, friends and the Board of Management, I am delighted to greet you. 

Gardiner Street School is a Catholic school in the tradition of the Religious Sisters of Charity.    In the words of our Mission Statement “We commit ourselves to making our school a safe and enjoyable place of education.    We are open to the challenges of the future,  encouraging effective co-operation between pupils, parents, staff, management and the local community”.

My wish is that you will enjoy reading about our  life in our school.  


Eileen O’ Doherty



PostHeaderIcon Important dates for 2014-2015

Here you can find the dates and times of all planned school closures for the current school year, 2014 – 2015. There are also some important dates for your diary listed too.




PostHeaderIcon Roald Dahl Day 2014

It was Roald Dahl Day on the 13th September this year. To celebrate lots of classes around the school have been reading some of his great books as well as learning more about him on the Roald Dahl website. Roald Dahl wrote some excellent books including Matilda, The Twits and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Some classes completed marvelous art work relating to the books they are reading.

5th Class are reading Danny the Champion of the World. Danny and his father make a living fixing cars and poaching pheasants.  In pairs the students designed their own pheasant traps for poaching. They were very creative and detailed. Pop on over to A6 to find out more.

3rd Class are reading The BFG. The Big Friendly Giant likes to blow dreams into the bedrooms of sleeping children. He calls really excellent dreams golden phizzwizards. The students in Room 15 drew pictures of the dreams they would like The BFG to blow into their bedrooms. They also wrote about their dreams. Some students like to dream big! Their dreams are very imaginative.

Well done to all classes who celebrated Roald Dahl Day last week.


PostHeaderIcon Awesome Oil Pastel Pictures

We really enjoyed using oil pastels to create autumn leaf pictures in 5th class. We think the vivid colours look great on the black sugar paper. Have a look through our photos and see what you think.