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PostHeaderIcon Science For Fun – parents needed

20th September 2017


Science For Fun will be starting soon and we are looking for parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles to help out. 3rd class will be participating but you don’t need to have a child in those classes to help out. All help is welcome and appreciated. If you think you could join in the fun and help the children or if you have any questions, please speak to Laragh in the Parent’s Room.

The sessions will be on Wednesdays 9 to 10am from the 4th of October to the 15th of November excluding the 1st November (6 sessions in total).


PostHeaderIcon A5 are gearing up for Sunday’s All Ireland football final

September 2017
Here in A5 we are really excited for the All Ireland football final between Dublin and Mayo! Some of us are shouting for Dublin and some of us are shouting for Mayo! We also learned the song ‘Molly Malone’. May the best team win! We’ve also started the year off on a great note with our Marathon Running too! We really enjoy getting fit and being active!

PostHeaderIcon Senior Sports Day June 2017

On Friday 9th of June last we had our annual Senior Sports Day! What a day we had! This year it was held at Holy Cross College down the road from us, which was a real treat! We are very grateful for the use of these facilities.

From the moment we arrived it was all go! We kicked off proceedings with some ‘Morning Moves’ with Áine facilitating a mini yoga session. Thank you Áine!

After this we worked our way around the stations which included Parachute activities/ Tug Of War, G.A.A., Sprint/Hurdles, Novelty Games (Sack race, egg and spoon race, three legged race), and football rounders.

We also got to enjoy our lunch along the banks of the fields! Thanks to everyone involved! We saw such fantastic levels of sportsmanship from our children, and the level of teamwork displayed was out of this world! Well done everyone! Until next year….