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PostHeaderIcon CHRISTMAS 2017

happy Christmas a

PostHeaderIcon Active School Flag Survey November 2017

This month Amy and Stanis from 6th class conducted a survey based on how everyone in Gardiner Street Primary school gets to school!

We surveyed both the staff of the school and we surveyed the pupils of the school!

We discovered some really interesting statistics! We discovered that our pupils are very active in how they get to school with a staggering 73% of us walking to school! This is great news!

We discovered that out of our staff 31.5% of us walk, 28.5% of us come by car, 25% use public transport, and some of us cycle, 17%!

For the next Active Flag committee meeting we will focus on these results and see if we can improve them going forward! Well done everyone!

PostHeaderIcon Come visit our Owl Village in A5 (November 2017)


These last few weeks we have focused on Clay as part of our Art lessons! We moulded clay into some thumb owls, and used the clay utensils to create patterns and texture onto the owls!
We then allowed them to dry for about a week and painted them in our favourite colours! We added googly eyes!
Next we created trees for our owls using brown paper bags! Come and visit!