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The annual SKIPATHON took place on a beautiful sunny day.  Parents and relatives turned out in great numbers to support the OPEN DAY.  Everybody got a chance to skip and have fun together.  

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Both 4th classes would like to sincerely thank all the parents and teachers who helped them learning the running stitch, chain stitch and back stitch this year. Thank you very much!


PostHeaderIcon A5 bid farewell!

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Everyone in A5 (4th class) would like to say thank you to everyone who has worked with us this year! We have had a really fun, exciting year! From our trip to Marsh’s Library for Engineer’s week,  our school  tour to Pine Art Centre,  our annual Sport’s Day, trip to Marino College, our swimming lessons, our Active School campaign, the 10@10, Sticks and Stones workshop to everyday life and learning in our classroom, it has been an eventful year! We hope that you all have a wonderful summer! See you all soon!