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The annual Science / Maths Open Day was a great success.  Each class show-cased amazing experiments for each other.  Parents visited in the afternoon and enjoyed taking part enormously.  We even had a station organised by parents themselves.  Thanks to everybody for a super day and especially to Ms. Mongan who organised the event.  

Science Week a

Genius a

Edison a

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Water 1 Balloons a

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Volcano 1 a

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PostHeaderIcon Garda Visit to Gardiner Street School

We welcomed members of the local garda force to come in and say hello to the boys and girls in the school. They even brought their community support van for the children to have a look inside. Have a look at some of the fun in the photos below.

PostHeaderIcon Gruesome Art in 4th Class

A5 and A6 were getting ready for Halloween with a spooky special effects workshop courtesy of Edel from the Big Scream Festival. Not only did the pupils get some gory effects on their arms but the parents got in on the act too! Check out our scary pictures below for some of the work in progress and the finished products too. Thank you very much to the parents who came along to help out, Ms. Goulding, Ms. Geraghty and Ms. Fowler for their support and Edel and Sarah for running the workshop. It was so much fun I think we’ll have to do it again next year!