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We are delighted to announce that our Active School Week will take place this year in June. In the past we have hosted Active School Week and they have been a great success! It is usually held around the week of our annual Sport’s day and involves items such as ‘Try Something New’ day and drop everything and dance day! D.E.A.D. We will keep you posted with further information during the year!

PostHeaderIcon Finding Our Zen

Room 6 are starting off 2018 by finding their zen. This is going to be our most calm and peaceful year yet. Our yoga studio is open and we are having a great time playing games and trying out different asana. We love doing the double boat. It’s not easy but once we mastered it we were showing it to everyone who came to visit our classroom. We are also really enjoying our relaxation at the end of our yoga class. Our fluffy blankets are amazing! If you feel like you’d like to join our yoga class pop into Room 6 any morning for the month of January.

PostHeaderIcon November in Room 6

It’s been another very busy month in Room 6. We were learning all about food and had a restaurant in our sociodramatic corner. It was serving up some very delicious and healthy food. One day we even had some dinner theatre to entertain the customers as they enjoyed their meals. We also discovered that working as a chef can be very stressful!

As we were learning about food we decided to use some fruits and vegetables to make creative prints. We also looked at the paintings of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. He used fruits, vegetables, flowers and leaves to make portraits of people. We gave it a go too and we were very happy with the results. Come down to Rooom 6 to check out our creations.

We celebrated Science Day on November 13th. We invited all of our parents in to visit our room. We were inspired by the story¬†Handa’s Surprise which has lots of lovely fruits in it. We blindfolded our parents and got them to use their senses of touch, smell and taste to try and figure out what we were feeding them. They were great at it. Thanks so much to all our parents for coming to see our experiment.

November was also the month when we celebrated Mind Your Mind week. We had a great time all week giving each other compliments, making new friends and practising some mindful colouring. We were all very calm and happy. On Friday we practised some yoga and worked on our breathing skills which are so important for a healthy, happy mind.We definitely found our zen that week. A big thank you to Laragh for organising such a great week.

On the last day of November we received a letter from Santa! He said he’s sending us a visitor to keep an eye on us. We’ll let you know who shows up!