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PostHeaderIcon A6 Get Fit!

Today 5th class participated in a  Physical Activity study with the help of Ben, Roisin and Christine from DCU! They assessed our height, weight, fitness level, muscular strength, blood pressure and waist circumference. We also completed an in-depth questionnaire on physical activity and how often we engage in it during a week. Check out some of the photos and huge thanks to Ben, Roisin and Christine for asking us to participate in their research!


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PostHeaderIcon St. Valentine’s Day in Room 8

14 February 2018

Happy St. Valentine’s Day from everyone in Room 8. Today 5th class made beautiful roses and personalised vases for our parents. We used tissue paper, recycled coloured paper, pipe cleaners and recycled water bottles. We are all so proud of our art work. We hope everyone has a lovely mid-term break.

PostHeaderIcon Trip to the Mary Aikenhead Centre

18th January 2018

Ahead of Mary Aikenhead’s birthday tomorrow, 5th Class got the opportunity to visit  The Mary Aikenhead Centre in Harold’s Cross today. We learned all about  Mary Aikenhead and it was a really fascinating insight into her life. A big thank you to all the kind people in the centre who were so good to us all and who even gave us a yummy treat before we started our tour! Also, thank you to Ms. Thornton, Ms. Cox, Ms. Ryan and Erica’s mum who accompanied us on the trip. We all had a fantastic day!