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The annual SKIPATHON took place on a beautiful sunny day.  Parents and relatives turned out in great numbers to support the OPEN DAY.  Everybody got a chance to skip and have fun together.  

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PostHeaderIcon 5th Class Stitching For Fun

The teachers couldn’t be prouder of the beautiful stitching done by both 5th classes this year. They mastered the running stitch, back stitch and chain stitch. Well done everyone and a massive thank you to all the parents and teachers who helped.

PostHeaderIcon Goodbye from Fifth Class

25th June 2018

Goodbye and happy holidays from everybody in Fifth Class in Room 8! We had a fantastic year together and we are looking forward to Sixth Class in September. A big thank you to everyone who helped us throughout the year. Here we are pictured holding our Time Capsule that we made in September and are now going to open on  Thursday. We are all very excited to see if our goals for Fifth Class came true! Enjoy the summer holidays and be safe.

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