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PostHeaderIcon Active School Flag Committee 2017/2018

Meet our new Active School Flag Committee for this school year!
Yesterday on Thursday 19th of October we had an A.S.F meeting. We discussed our plan for the upcoming year and all the jobs we needed to do over the next few weeks! Take a look at our minutes!

A.S.F Committee 2017/2018:

1st Classes:

Room 9- Ava Davis, Jay Shi    Room 10-Patrica and Emre  Room 11- Renato and Poppy

Second Classes:

Room 13- Immanuel and Holly     Room 15-Tyler and Christina      Room 16- Danas and Kyra

Third Classes:

A1- Elina and Troy                                            A2- Jane Carpenter and Ben C

Fourth Classes:

A5- Layla W, Casian, and Adrianna                   EX1- Kuba and Larissa

5th Classes:

R8- Hao Yi and Dominika                              A6- Alyssa and Rebecca

6th Class:

EX2- Stanas and Amy

Also on our Committee are Ms O Doherty, Ms McDonagh, Ms Goulding, Ms Whelan, and Ms Egan!

PostHeaderIcon Math’s Week in A5/ Orienteering and Trailwork

This week we had super fun during Math’s week! We solved a different problem each day from the ‘Guess Who’ board. We also went on a Math’s trail and completed the tasks in pairs! This also links in with Physical Education so that made it extra interesting! Solving problems and being active, all at the same time! Thank you to Ms Kelly for organising our Maths week in the school. We can’t wait to see who wins the sweets from the ‘Guess the number’ sweet jar!

PostHeaderIcon Tuesday is P.E. Day in Ms. Downey’s Class

October 2017

TUESDAY is P.E. Day in Ms. Downey’s Class, Room 2. We need to wear our School Tracksuits and RunnersSee how smart we look below:

PE 026

This week at P.E. we played Musical Statues. Then we explored what we could do with Beanbags. We balanced them on our heads, shoulders, elbows, between our knees, on our feet and our backs. Then we practised throwing, catching and sliding them to each other. Finally we played Duck, Duck, Goose.

We love P.E.