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PostHeaderIcon Marathon Running in A5


This month (January 18′) in A5 we are being active for our 10 minutes a day in a very different way! We have being going outside to our yard everyday to do laps of the school yard! 1 lap of the whole yard is 100 metres! We try to do at least 1 kilometre a day! So far we have run 8 kilometres! We try to run in the mornings and we find it really helps our concentration for the rest of the day!

PostHeaderIcon Putting the ‘gym’ into Gymnastics! A5 January 18′

This month in A5 there has been a focus on gymnastics! We have been fine-tuning our balancing, landing and rolling skills! We have perfected the sausage roll, the pin roll and the forward roll so far! In the next few weeks we hope to focus on the use of the horse.

PostHeaderIcon A5 Trip to Mary Aikenhead Centre January 18′

Yesterday 17/1/18 the class of A5 took a trip to the Mary Aikenhead Heritage Centre in Harold’s Cross! We had a wonderful day! We took the 16 bus over and got some exercise in on the way too by walking!

Sister Ann brought us on a tour of the entire centre and Ms Harrington (who used to be a deputy principal in our school) took Ms Egan’s class. We learned so much more information about Mary Aikenhead.

We even found out that she had hazel coloured eyes which the class were eager to know as they were doing pictures of her for our celebrations of her birthday this week!

We watched a film about her in the in-house cinema.We also watched a story of her life in audio-visual form too! We saw her bath-chair and her real bedroom.

Thank you to Ms Thornton for organising the trip and thank you to Ms Whelan and Ms McGinley for coming with us!