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PostHeaderIcon Sports Against Racism Ireland Soccer Workshop December 2017

On Friday last (1/12/17) we had the pleasure of having the S.A.R.I. team in Gardiner Street. They completed a soccer workshop with the 5th and 6th classes in our school!
Rooms 8, EX2, and A6 learned a lot about respect in sport, diversity in sport, and social inclusion through sport!
They played lots of games with these values in mind and learned a lot of new soccer skills!
We really loved having the S.A.R.I. team in with us last week. Thank you to all at S.A.R.I. Check out their website for more information!

PostHeaderIcon Mind Your Mind Week 2017/ Active School

This week (November 20th- 24th) we have been promoting and learning all about Mind Your Mind week with the help of Laragh our H.S.C.L.

In A5 we have been busy making posters for Mind Your Mind week. We have also been practicing our Mindfulness and doing our Go Noodle!

We like to take care of our minds here in A5. So, all week we have been learning some tips on how to feel good. Here are some tips for you some of which link in our Active school Flag campaign this year. This will be the focus of our A.S.F Meeting this week!

Some tips for you all:

  1. Getting a good night’s sleep every night
  2. Exercise and fresh air every day
  3. A balanced diet
  4. Friends
  5. Someone to talk to when I’m sad
  6. To help others
  7. To think happy thoughts

Screentime, treats and sofa time are great sometimes but everything in moderation! Best of luck with minding your mind and most of all get active!


PostHeaderIcon Swimming in A5 November 17′

We have had a fantastic number of weeks here in A5. We have been learning how to swim with the help of our swimming teacher Margaret in Sean McDermott Street Swimming pool!

We have a block of 9 weeks to complete our swimming course and we have made fantastic progress!

Thank you to Laragh our H.S.C.L for organising it for us! Thank you to Ms. Currams, Ms Egan, and Mr Shovlin for teaching us how to swim to and make sure we get there and back safely!