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PostHeaderIcon Decorated Recycle Boxes Competition!


This year we are working on our flag for Global Citizenship: Litter and Waste. We are  continuing our great work on recycling and litter. With this flag we are also looking at litter and waste around the world.

We have recycling boxes in all our classrooms for recycling paper and cardboard among other items. We held a fun competition for all classes to decorate their recycle boxes. The children and teachers got very creative and came up with some great designs for their boxes using recycled materials. The boxes looked very colourful when displayed in the hall!



We had a Junior Winner and a Senior Winner. The Junior Winners were 2nd Class-Room 15 and the Senior Winners were 6th Class! Our support teachers also got involved in the competition and Ms. Goulding was the winner from this category. Well done to all our winners.

Junior Winners - 2nd Class

    Junior Winners – 2nd Class


Senior Winners - 6th Class

Senior Winners – 6th Class

Remember: Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle!

Stay tuned for more Green-Schools News!

PostHeaderIcon Green Schools: A Special Visitor to 6th Class

6th Class with Father Pedro

6th Class with Father Pedro

November, 2017.

Last Thursday, 6th Class were delighted to be visited by a very interesting guest speaker!

Fr. Pedro came all the way from the Philippines to visit his homeland of Ireland. He has been living there for 35 years and teaches in a very remote part of the country up in the mountains. He told us that the children he teaches are working very hard to look after the environment. Their day to day lives depend on the rivers and rainforests around them.They get a lot of rain and strong winds called typhoons in their area. The children can name 500 different types of plants and trees! Can you believe it? They make electricity using energy from the sun. This is called solar energy and the good thing about solar energy is that it is free!


Map of the World - The Philipines is circled

Map of the World – The Philipines is circled

We talked with Father Pedro about what we do in our school to look after the environment. We told him all about our recycling, walking to school, our biodiversity garden and lots more!

Fr. Pedro Speaking

Fr. Pedro Speaking

Father Pedro is very passionate about recycling and asked us all to make an extra special effort to recycle, particularly plastic. So much plastic is being dumped in our oceans and destroying the homes of sea animals. If we continue dumping plastic into the ocean instead of recycling it, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish. That’s a very sad thought. Please all do your part to help with recycling.


Thank you to Father Pedro for visiting us.



PostHeaderIcon Green-Schools Committee 2017-18

The Green Schools Committee 2017-18

The Green Schools Committee 2017-18


October 2017

The new Green Schools Committee has been formed for 2017-18! We are working on our 6th Green Schools Flag for Global Citizenship for Litter and Waste. Now that’s a long name! Work begun last year for this flag. This year’s committee will be looking at how we can improve our work on Litter and Waste and how litter and waste affects people around the world.

We already have five Green Schools flags for: Litter and Waste, Energy, Water, Travel and Biodiversity.

The committee has members from 1st to 6th classes. We will meet on Thursdays at lunchtime to discuss any Greens Schools news and decide what jobs we need to do next.

We look forward to a great year!