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PostHeaderIcon Another Successful Year for Green-Schools!

The Green-Schools Committee

                        The Green-Schools Committee 


June 2018

As another school year closes, we must congratulate the Green-Schools committee on another successful year! This year, through lots of hard work and support from the whole school community, we were awarded our 6th Green-Schools flag for Global Citizenship: Litter and Waste. What a great achievement!

We have had some wonderful events this year; The Recycled Halloween Costume Competition, Green-Schools Week, Walk on Wednesday and the  Recycled Batteries Collection where we collected almost 4,000 batteries!

The Green-Schools programme is a great way for our pupils to learn about caring for their community and the environment.

Thank you to everyone involved in the Green-Schools Committee.

We hope you have a safe and happy Summer.

Ms. Goggins

PostHeaderIcon G.A.A Coaching May 2018

This term (Term 3 May 2018), we have been very lucky to have great coaches in to coach us with some G.A.A. skills! Our coaches were Seán  and Cyril who were part of the North East Inner City GAA project! They coached 3rd and 5th classes! They had some students from Larkin College to help out. We really enjoyed the training sessions! We can’t wait for the summer Camp that is also taking part in Larkin College in the first week of July! It only costs €5.00. The camp is for children from 2nd-5th classes. Please send your form back to Ms McDonagh before the summer holidays!

PostHeaderIcon Sam Maguire comes to Gardiner Street May 2018

This month Jessica (Larkin GA.A. Volunteer), Séan, and Cyril our G.A.A. coaches organised a visit of the Sam Maguire Cup! It was incredible to see it again in the flesh! Thank you to Jessica, Séan and Cyril who have coached our 3rd and 5th classes this term! We really enjoyed our G.A.A sessions! We wonder will Dublin win the Sam Maguire cup again this year?!!!