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PostHeaderIcon Happy New Year from A6

Happy New Year from A6! We spent our first week back discussing and writing some New Years Resolutions for ourselves as well as reflecting on some of our best moments from 2017. Hope everyone has a joyful and prosperous 2018!


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PostHeaderIcon Active School Week 2018


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We are delighted to announce that our Active School Week will take place this year in June. In the past we have hosted Active School Week and they have been a great success! It is usually held around the week of our annual Sport’s day and involves items such as ‘Try Something New’ day and drop everything and dance day! D.E.A.D. We will keep you posted with further information during the year!

PostHeaderIcon December’s Star Writers

Even though we were so busy throughout December preparing for our wonderful concerts, our students were still busy improving their writing skills. The samples of writing on the Star Writers board for December are really impressive. Well done to everyone! We’re already looking forward to seeing what 2018 has in store for the wonderful writers of Gardiner Street.