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PostHeaderIcon A Monstrous Science Event 2017

Gardiner Street School held its annual Science and Maths Open Day with even more fantastic experiments being carried out this year.     Thanks to Ms. Kelly who organised the event.  The children not only hosted experiments at STATIONS, but also had the opportunity to see each other’s experiments. Mr. Shovlin introduced programming at his STATION.  The children had great fun programming the Bee Bot around a map!     Parents attended in great numbers.   Some brave parents volunteered to be blindfolded for a taste test in Ms. Doyle’s class.   Thanks for your support.  Well Done everybody! 

Science and Maths Open Day 2017 1 A

Children and parents programme 2 A

We made electricity 3 A

4 A

4th Class showed us how to remove stains 5 A

Junior Infants made rockets 6 A

Junior Infants changed 7 A

Room 6 blindfolded our parents in a taste 8 A

Presentation9 LAST A

PostHeaderIcon October in Room 2

26th October 2017

  • Busy Builders

Some of the big boys from Ms. Downey’s Class last year visited to show us how to build towers, rockets, bridges and even make letters, numbers and shapes using blocks. Since their visit the boys and girls have been very busy builders.

Halloween 2017 001 Halloween 2017 002 Halloween 2017 001 Halloween 2017 002 Halloween 2017 001 Halloween 2017 002 Halloween 2017 003 Halloween 2017 004 Halloween 2017 005 Halloween 2017 006 Halloween 2017 007

  • My Family Drawings

Father Richard asked us all to draw a picture of  My Family. Our pictures will be displayed in Gardiner Street Church next August to mark Pope Francis’ visit to Ireland.

  •  Halloween

Ms. Downey decorated the classroom for Halloween. We did lots of Halloween Art in Room 2. We drew ghosts, pumpkins, bats and witches with help from Art for Kids on YouTube. Then we painted pumpkins, bats and witches. We made Lollipop Ghosts, Mandarin Pumpkins and Scary Spiders. We brought them all home in Halloween Art Folders.

Halloween 2017 030

Halloween 2017 028

Halloween 2017 022

Halloween 2017 018

Halloween 2017 019

Halloween 2017 023

Halloween 2017 027

Halloween 2017 024

Halloween 2017 026

Halloween 2017 008

Halloween 2017 011

Halloween 002

Oíche Shamhna shona duit ó Seomra a Dó!


  • Ms. O’Mahony Leaving

We are very sad to say goodbye to Ms. O’Mahony. She has helped us so much over the past two months. We will all miss her but we wish her well in her new school.

Halloween 004

Remember to look at lots of books and use your Maths Eyes over the Halloween break!

PostHeaderIcon Maths Week 2017

18th October 2017

It is Maths Week and today Ms. Downey’s Class did a Maths Trail during MathsTime.  We had to use our Maths Eyes to answer questions in The Classroom, The Yard, The Carpark and The Hall. We used clipboards from Laragh’s Room. It was very interesting and we had lots of fun as you can see from the photos below. Thanks to Ms. Goggins, Ms. Kelly, Ms. Cox and Tanya for their help.

Various 019