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PostHeaderIcon November in Room 1

November 2018

It was a busy month in Room 1.


During November Ms. Downey’s Class learned about Houses. We read the stories The Three Little Pigs and A Squash and a Squeeze.

    download (2)

The boys and girls made fabulous houses from blocks, Lego, stickle bricks and lollipop sticks.

Then they designed, drew and talked about their  own Dream  Houses.

Dream House 008

Dream House 003

Dream House 011

Dream House 005

Dream House 006

Dream House 007

Dream House 001


We read the stories The Smartest Giant in Town and The Elves and the Shoemaker.

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Then the boys and girls designed their own shoes and runners.


20181203_144144 20181205_153706 20181205_153718 20181205_153728 20181205_153744 20181205_153806

Finally they looked at the patterns on the soles of their shoes and tried to copy them. Pictures to follow!

Group of the Week

Group of the Week 002

Each group in the class won Group of the Week by following the Classroom Rules:

download (5)

They got a treat, a trophy and a comfy cushion for the week.

Well done boys and girls!



The annual Science / Maths Open Day was a great success.  Each class show-cased amazing experiments for each other.  Parents visited in the afternoon and enjoyed taking part enormously.  We even had a station organised by parents themselves.  Thanks to everybody for a super day and especially to Ms. Mongan who organised the event.  

Science Week a

Genius a

Edison a

WWW1 a

WW1 2 a

Water 1 a


Water 1 Balloons a

Bristlebots a


Volcano 1 a

Volcano 2 a

PostHeaderIcon Science and Maths Day 2018 in Room 1

November 15th 2018

Room 1 had a great time on Science and Maths Day. We learned all about Forces and our experiments included The Balloon Rocket and Puff Power.

The Balloon Rocket Experiment


20181115_122656 20181115_122707



Puff Power

The boys and girls made tracks from Lego, Blocks and Stickle Bricks and used a straw and air ( Puff Power ) to blow a bead around their tracks.

Then Mr. Brady helped some of the Best Builders to design and build bigger tracks which the children tried out with their parents.

20181115_122728  20181115_122721  20181115_122716


In Maths each parent measured their child’s height on our Giraffe Height Chart. We can now compare heights and see who is the tallest, shortest and middle-sized. We will also be able to see who grows the most during the year!



20181115_125058   20181115_125626

Thanks to all the parents who came to see Ms. Downey’s Super Scientists. We hope you learned some interesting new things!