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PostHeaderIcon Autumn Art in Room 1

October 12th 2018

Today Ms. Downey’s Class used all the autumn things they collected in the park to make Autumn Collages. Here they are busy at work!

Take a look at the finished Collages below:

Autumn Collage 002

Autumn Collage 004

Autumn Collage 006

Autumn Collage 009

Autumn Collage 011

Then they used playdoh to make prickly little hedgehogs which they hid under leaves on our Nature Table so they could hibernate for the winter.

Art 14

Can you spot your hedgehog?

PostHeaderIcon Autumn Walk

Room 2 enjoyed a beautiful autumn walk to Mount Joy Square Park with Room 1 and 3 yesterday. We spotted lots of autumn signs like fallen leaves and bare trees. We collected green, red, yellow, orange and brown leaves. Thank you to all the teachers and SNAs who came with us to keep us safe.


PostHeaderIcon Autumn Walk Room 1

October 10th 2018

Today Room 1 Ms. Downey’s Class went for a walk to Mountjoy Square Park to look for signs of Autumn. Here we are ready to go.Autumn Walk 2018 001

On the way we used our ‘Maths Eyes’ to look for shapes and found lots of circles, squares, rectangles and triangles. To cross the road we pressed the button and waited for the green man. While crossing we moved our heads back and forth looking for cars, a bit like watching the ttt tennis game!

When we got to the park we looked for signs of Autumn. We filled our bags with 2 of everything as 2 is our number for the week. We found green, yellow, orange, brown and red leaves. We found twigs, feathers, berries, acorn shells and helicopters too. We searched for some ccconkers our letter this week but there are no horse chestnut trees in the park. There were no birds in the sky but a pigeon joined us for a while! The sky was blue and the sun was yellow and the park was full of brown our colour of the week. On the way back to school we sang the ‘I see leaves’ Song and our ‘Tá an lá te’  Song. We found lots of numbers on the houses and the cars and buses. We didn’t see any squirrels or hedgehogs but when we got back to the school and emptied our bags some of the children saw tiny little insects on their tables!

Autumn Walk 2018 020 Autumn Walk 2018 021 Autumn Walk 2018 022 Autumn Walk 2018 023

Thanks to Linda and Ms. Mc Nulty for coming with us.

On Friday we will make Autumn Collages and hedgehogs from playdoh.