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PostHeaderIcon Christmas Art with Junior Infants

Junior infants in Rooms 1, 2 and 3 made took part in some Christmas craft in the hall. Thanks to all the mothers, fathers and even grandfathers who came to help out! Well done to all the children, your trees came out terrific! Big thanks to all the parents who donated old Christmas decorations over the past 2 weeks, it wouldn’t have been possible without you!

PostHeaderIcon December in Room 1

December 2018

Art with Ms. Downey

During the month of December we practised drawing Santas, Rudolphs and Christmas Trees on blackboards with help from Art Tutorials on Youtube. Then later in the week we drew them on paper and finally we painted them. They were so good that some teachers didn’t believe we had painted them on our own but a very proud Ms. Downey told them we had!  We also decorated pine cones with glitter and put ribbon on them to hang on the tree.

December 2018 022

December 2018 017

December 2018 019

December 2018 016

December 2018 020

December 2018 021

Here are our lovely Christmas Cribs which we made using colouring pictures, black card , lollipop sticks and stars.

Xmas 2018 046

Xmas 2018 047

Xmas 2018 048

Xmas 2018 050

Xmas 2018 051

Christmas Concert with Room 3

On Friday the 14th we performed in our first Christmas Concert along with Ms. Concannon’s Class. We sang three songs: Jog along / Bualadh bos / When Santa got stuck up the chimney. We had an incredible introducer, a magnificent Mary and Joseph, brilliant bell ringers and a super Santa with his ‘ Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!’ Kevin played the piano and we were amazing!

Christmas 2018 New 001

December 2018 034

December 2018 036

December 2018 033

December 2018 036

Christmas Art with Shane

On  Monday the 17th of December Shane and a wonderful group of parents and grandparents helped the boys and girls in Ms. Downey’s Class to decorate Christmas Trees using recycled decorations. Everyone had lots of fun and I think you will agree that the end results are ‘ treemendous ‘ !

December 2018 006

December 2018 007

December 2018 008

Xmas 2018 030

Xmas 2018 034

Xmas 2018 038

Xmas 2018 039

Xmas 2018 041

Xmas 2018 045

Digital Schools Project

As part of our Digital Schools Project we were asked to Skype a Junior Infant Class in our cluster group. We arranged to contact Ms. Dowling’s Junior Infant Class in George’s Hill School, Dublin 7 on Monday 17th at 11.30am. Firstly we checked out their school on Google Maps. We also had a look at their website. Then we talked about what questions we could ask them and came up with the following:

* How many children are in your class?

* Is your school for boys and girls like ours?

* Which floor is your classroom on?

* Does Ms. Dowling wear glasses like Ms. Downey?

* Do you have a Computer Room too?

* Did you learn about staying safe on the internet with Smartie the Penguin?

We went to the Hall and got the laptop ready. However then we discovered that George’s Hill School uses Google Hangout instead of Skype so Ms. Daly helped us out and suddenly there they were – Ms. Dowling and her class. We were very excited. We said Hi but then we got a bit shy and only asked a few questions. We found out there are 18 boys and girls in the class and their room is on the ground floor. Our Christmas Concert was over but they hadn’t had their’s yet. We sang When Santa got stuck up the chimney and they sang Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The laptop froze once or twice but we got there in the end and hopefully we will get to Hangout again in 2019!

December 2018 009

December 2018 013

December 2018 011

December 2018 012

Trip to The Moving Crib 

On Thursday the 20th Ms. Downey’s Class and Mr. Brady, Linda and Ms. Fowler walked down town to The Moving Crib in Parnell Square, across the road from The Rotunda Hospital. On the way we looked for shapes,numbers,  colours,letters and words.. We saw Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, The Angel Gabriel appearing to Mary, King Herod and Baby Jesus in the stable. We sang Jog along and Away in a Manger.


We saw the elves hiding in the branches of the trees. We also got to colour in pictures and saw an amazing dolls house. Unfortunately no Mammies or Daddies were free to walk down with us but Glory’s Dad gave her a great surprise and met us there and walked back to the school with us.

The Moving Crib 2018 041

The Moving Crib 2018 040

The Moving Crib 2018 039

The Moving Crib 2018 038

The Moving Crib 2018 036


42 Parnell Square

Opening Times:

Monday – Friday: 2pm – 6pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11.30am – 6pm

The moving crib has been entertaining Dublin’s youngster for generations! So pop down with the family and enjoy a wonderful free day out!

Nollaig shona daoibh go léir!

The Moving Crib 2018 042



PostHeaderIcon November in Room 1

November 2018

It was a busy month in Room 1.


During November Ms. Downey’s Class learned about Houses. We read the stories The Three Little Pigs and A Squash and a Squeeze.

    download (2)

The boys and girls made fabulous houses from blocks, Lego, stickle bricks and lollipop sticks.

Then they designed, drew and talked about their  own Dream  Houses.

Dream House 008

Dream House 003

Dream House 011

Dream House 005

Dream House 006

Dream House 007

Dream House 001


We read the stories The Smartest Giant in Town and The Elves and the Shoemaker.

download (4)    download (3)

Then the boys and girls designed their own shoes and runners.


20181203_144144 20181205_153706 20181205_153718 20181205_153728 20181205_153744 20181205_153806

Finally they looked at the patterns on the soles of their shoes and tried to copy them.

Group of the Week

Group of the Week 002

Each group in the class won Group of the Week by following the Classroom Rules:

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They got a treat, a trophy and a comfy cushion for the week.

Well done boys and girls!