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PostHeaderIcon Finding Our Zen

Room 6 are starting off 2018 by finding their zen. This is going to be our most calm and peaceful year yet. Our yoga studio is open and we are having a great time playing games and trying out different asana. We love doing the double boat. It’s not easy but once we mastered it we were showing it to everyone who came to visit our classroom. We are also really enjoying our relaxation at the end of our yoga class. Our fluffy blankets are amazing! If you feel like you’d like to join our yoga class pop into Room 6 any morning for the month of January.

PostHeaderIcon CHRISTMAS 2017

happy Christmas a

PostHeaderIcon Busy Elves in Room 6

December has been the busiest month yet in Senior Infants Room 6! We’ve barely had time to tidy up as we have been so busy making wonderful Christmas crafts and practising for our Christmas concert.

We had 2 visitors this month. The first was Elfie, a very naughty elf sent by Santa to keep an eye on us. One day we arrived in to see him zip-lining with a pair of scissors! We couldn’t believe what a dangerous choice Elfie had made. It didn’t work out too well for him. He ended up with a plaster on his head and his arm had to be all bandaged up! What a silly elf!

We also had a visitor to our window. We’ve named him Tim. Maybe Santa couldn’t find any robins in Dublin 1 so sent this gull to keep an eye on us instead!


We were flat out decorating our door with our very own patterned wrapping paper, designing creative Christmas jumpers and making beautiful cribs.

We also started learning how to code using Google’s Santa Activity Village. It was loads of fun and we felt very grown up learning such a useful skill!

For our last full day of the year we went on a trip to the GPO. We have had great fun in our Post Office for the past month and we really wanted to see what a real post office was like. We were so impressed! Everyone there was very nice to us and we even got to post some very important cards and letters. As we walked up to see the Arnotts’ windows we were given some lovely balloons from the kind security guard in Specsavers. On our way back to school we popped into The Old Music Shop Cafe for a well-deserved treat. All of the waiters and waitresses were so kind to us. They made us delicious hot chocolates and even gave us some complimentary pastries. We were spoiled! A big thank you to everyone who was so kind to us. We hope we filled everyone with Christmas cheer as we sang our Christmas songs on our trip.

Room 6 want to wish everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas and a wonderful New Year. We’re looking forward to the adventures that 2018 will hold!