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PostHeaderIcon Ireland’s Newest Garda Station

We are delighted to announce that a new Garda Station has been opened in Gardiner Street Primary School. Our local Community Garda, Andrew, came to inspect the facilities and to give the young recruits some top tips on how to be a great garda. If you need to report a crime or require some help from our wonderful Gardai just pop down to Room 6 for the month of March.

A big thank you to Andrew for all his sage advice and to all our Garda friends who have given us some really great real-life Garda items. We’ll take good care of them. We’ll report back on our crime figures at the end of the month!

PostHeaderIcon Pancake Tuesday

Room 6 had a great time celebrating Pancake Tuesday. We got to visit the staffroom where we melted chocolate and prepared our pancakes. Some of us topped our pancakes with honey and sugar while others spread chocolate all over them and dotted them with fresh berries. We got quite creative with our chocolate decoration – very Jackson Pollockesque! We made sure to eat lots of berries. We like to make healthy choices in Room 6. Our pancakes were very tasty indeed!


PostHeaderIcon January in Room 6

The Senior Infants in Room 6 had a lovely, peaceful January. They went on yoga adventures,¬†played yoga jenga, practised pair poses and enjoyed lots of relaxation. Unfortunately our yoga studio is now shut but we’re looking forward to some more yoga before Easter.

Room 6 were very busy experimenting with coding. We love using the Bee-Bots! We had a great time playing What Am I with Ms Thornton too. We were also inspired by the upcoming Winter Olympics. We created pictures of ourselves as skiers. We can’t wait to hit the slopes in real life! Pop down to us to see our wonderful creations.

We would also like to say a big thank you to all the mammies, daddies and grannies who have helped out with Kids Talk so far this year. Laragh has read us some great books and given us lots of fun activities to do. We’re really looking forward to our next session.