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PostHeaderIcon Read Aloud for World Book Day

Read Aloud 2018

March 2018

Bella-Rose, Dragos and Fletcher from First Class received certificates for showing off their great reading skills. Bella-Rose read ‘Where are the sunhats?’ to Room 11. Dragos read ‘The Magic Boots’ to Room 10, and Fletcher read ‘Roller Blades for Luke’ to Room 10 as well. Everyone enjoyed the stories and could tell that Bella Rose, Dragos and Fletcher have been working very hard.

PostHeaderIcon Mathematics is a Fun subject for Room 8 in 2018

February 2018

We love maths at Gardiner Street School. 

Multiplication Games

We have lots of fun ways of practicing all the skills we learn in our maths lessons.

100 Square Jigsaws

We play games about adding up, and making 100 Squares and in the senior classes we play games using out multiplication and division skills!

Dice Addition Games

Playing games is a great way to practise what we’re learning.


PostHeaderIcon The Snowman in the Ilac Library

14th December 2017

The 1st class boys and girls in room11 were invited to attend an amazing production of The Snowman in the Ilac Library. Thank you so much to Anne and her colleagues for an unforgettable experience.