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PostHeaderIcon A Monstrous Science Event 2017

Gardiner Street School held its annual Science and Maths Open Day with even more fantastic experiments being carried out this year.     Thanks to Ms. Kelly who organised the event.  The children not only hosted experiments at STATIONS, but also had the opportunity to see each other’s experiments. Mr. Shovlin introduced programming at his STATION.  The children had great fun programming the Bee Bot around a map!     Parents attended in great numbers.   Some brave parents volunteered to be blindfolded for a taste test in Ms. Doyle’s class.   Thanks for your support.  Well Done everybody! 

Science and Maths Open Day 2017 1 A

Children and parents programme 2 A

We made electricity 3 A

4 A

4th Class showed us how to remove stains 5 A

Junior Infants made rockets 6 A

Junior Infants changed 7 A

Room 6 blindfolded our parents in a taste 8 A

Presentation9 LAST A

PostHeaderIcon Music is Thriving in Gardiner Street School 2017

Music lessons have begun and are going really well.  The children are looking forward to showing off their talents at Christmas!  Keep up the good work of practising.  

Music 2017 1 a

Music 2017 2 a

PostHeaderIcon October’s Star Writers

Well done to all the children who feature on the Star Writers Board this month. There are some great recounts there all about fun trips that our students have gone on. There are also some interesting narratives about exciting adventures.

October 2017

If you pop upstairs you will also find a great acrostic poem about ex-hurricane Ophelia. Most importantly, there’s a guide there on how to recognise a witch – very important at this time of year!

The students in this school have some impressive writing skills. A big thank you to their teachers too, who are working really hard to help everyone improve. Keep up the good work everyone. You never know who might appear on the board next month!