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PostHeaderIcon Junior Einsteins Science Show and A1

3rd Class and their teacher Ms Feighery were thrilled to attend the Junior Einsteins Science Show in the Ilac Library on Wednesday 21st November. It was a wonderful opportunity  to observe and experience lots of science.  We learned how to make two types of slime and used a plasma ball to light lightbulbs. We also got to use a Van de Graaf generator which creates static electricity. We even got to shoot giant smoke rings at each other with fabulous giant Smoke Cannons, which was fantastic fun until we set off the smoke detector! On the way home we were given Science Packs with lots of experiments we can try at home.  We had a great day and love Science!!!

IMG_0006 (2) IMG_0013 (2) IMG_0018 (2)

Experimenting with slime


IMG_0026 (1)

Van de Graaf Generator

IMG_0036 (2)

Elephant Toothpaste

IMG_0051 IMG_0066 IMG_0069 IMG_0095Giant smoke cannons

PostHeaderIcon Garda Visit to Gardiner Street School

We welcomed members of the local garda force to come in and say hello to the boys and girls in the school. They even brought their community support van for the children to have a look inside. Have a look at some of the fun in the photos below.

PostHeaderIcon A2 Trip to The Botanical Gardens

Ms. Murphy’s 3rd Class went to the Botanical Gardens in Glasnevin. Not only did we learn about all the different plants and flowers there, we also learned a lot about Vikings and the Sculptures in Context exhibition. We even made friends with some squirrels! Massive thanks to Leo our fantastic tour guide, Rachel for getting us there and all the parents and relatives who came along to help out. Check out all the lovely photos we took on our digital cameras!