PostHeaderIcon October in Room 6

It was a very busy month for the Senior Infants in Room 6. We were busy learning about autumn and Hallowe’en. We reused bubble wrap to create some very cool autumn trees. We think our trees turned out really well.

We learned a lot about Hallowe’en during our Aistear time. We made mummies using wool and paper plates. We worked with partners to spell a number of Hallowe’en words. We played a Hallowe’en matching game. We designed and made scary monsters from junk art. In our play corner we created a spooky witch’s cave. It was filled with magic potions, spiders and eyeballs. It scared a lot of our visitors! Our witches, wizards and warlocks had a great time concocting potions,casting spells and flying on their broomsticks.

On the day of the Hallowe’en holidays we were lucky enough to have one of our very talented mums to visit our classroom. She painted our faces until we were almost unrecognisable! Later in the day we went trick or treating around the school. We gave a number of classes a treat by singing them some of our favourite Hallowe’en songs. It was a really great day.


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