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This year we are working on our flag for Global Citizenship: Litter and Waste. We are  continuing our great work on recycling and litter. With this flag we are also looking at litter and waste around the world.

We have recycling boxes in all our classrooms for recycling paper and cardboard among other items. We held a fun competition for all classes to decorate their recycle boxes. The children and teachers got very creative and came up with some great designs for their boxes using recycled materials. The boxes looked very colourful when displayed in the hall!



We had a Junior Winner and a Senior Winner. The Junior Winners were 2nd Class-Room 15 and the Senior Winners were 6th Class! Our support teachers also got involved in the competition and Ms. Goulding was the winner from this category. Well done to all our winners.

Junior Winners - 2nd Class

    Junior Winners – 2nd Class


Senior Winners - 6th Class

Senior Winners – 6th Class

Remember: Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle!

Stay tuned for more Green-Schools News!

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