PostHeaderIcon Engineers Week in Room 6

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As it was Engineers Week this week (March 2nd-8th) we became engineers in Room 6.
We looked at all the different work engineers do and decided to give it a go ourselves…with spaghetti!
Firstly, we brainstormed the shapes and structures we could make, then drew our plans, and got making!
We had a lot of fun!

PostHeaderIcon GAA Football Coaching in Room 1

March 6th 2019

Today Ms. Downey’s Class had their first session with Mark, the GAA Football Coach. We will have a session each week so Wednesday will be School Tracksuit day from now on. Mark did some hand eye co-ordination games with the children and taught them some ball skills too. We all had great fun!

Mark’s GAA Club is called St. Brendan’s and it is based in Grangegorman, Dublin 7. There is coaching for boys and girls every Saturday morning. Mark will be giving the children information cards in the coming weeks.

PostHeaderIcon Pancake Tuesday 2019 in Room 1

March 5th 2019

On Pancake Tuesday Ms. Downey’s boys and girls listened to the story of The Big Pancake and they knew it wasn’t a good idea for the pancake to take a ride across the river on the pig’s nose : Yum! Yum! 

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They said the rhyme Mix a Pancake. Then it was time to

toss a pancake

decorate a pancake

eat a pancake

Thanks to Linda for all her help and for taking such great photos.

Thanks to Abdul’s Mum who made 24 delicious crepes for the class.

Yum! Yum! Such fun!